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You are "It"!

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Be “It”.

Show “it”.

Bring “it”.

What is this “it”?

Well, “it” can anything you decide “it” should and can be.

The first time I used “it” was with a new group and the motivator was an unplanned stroke of geniusity.

I was leading my second session of summer camp campers in our opening activity when all of a sudden I went on a spiral telling them the following:

“So guys, we are here to have the best summer of our lives. This summer we are going to be “It!”, each of you has the opportunity the best he can be and be “It!”. By the end of the summer everyone at camp will know that our bunk is the “It!” bunk and that we “Rock it!” we “make it!” we “kick it!” we are just simply the “it!” in “it!”.

It worked. The kids starting getting excited, I could literally see “it” in their eyes.

I was excited to see what we make of it.

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I can tell you now that we had a great summer, we brought it hard and had a blast!

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