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Vitamin CC

Content & Connection should be on your To-Do list

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Don't be the lonely doer.

Get your daily dose of Vitamin Content & Connection

Many of us #Doers tend to be constantly active, trying to be on top of all that needs to be done to make things happen.

In the process we get stressed and dive into our laptops and phones, in meetings or in our head. When we raise our heads we discover that we might have forgotten to eat, sleep or generally take care of our well being.
We do so much, we (sometimes) overlook that we must nurture ourselves.

So then that becomes a priority so we do a lot to do nurturing and all of a sudden we feel #great and #LifeIsAwesome and share all of the nice shakes and meals we are getting and the concerts we are going to.

The need for real synced compassionate connections keeps existing but its crunching some of its thirst so we are #HighOnLife only to find that the low is waiting for us because as we know everything in life is a cycle.

For some it the winter when we don't get the sun's warmth while for others it's the morning after.

I find that the solution is sharing during we are in the cycle , in the process, in the doing.

Sharing what we learn or who we met with today is many times overwhelming for the people around us like friends, family & colluegues but it is the fuel on which networks of doers fly on!

At 248CAN we are having update Zoom calls in which we share what we do/did ever since our last call and it is an opportunity to state what help we could get from the others.

One might need help editing a video which might be a lot to ask but sometimes we understand that the real need is just a trusted loving audience to stumble safely and test run the first version with. That way the doer exploring video production is able to get the important input of how can this be done better.

Another doer might need help reaching out to a different language speaker to translate and by that take their idea much further. literally much further be it another country or the very different culture community in the same neighborhood.

For that reason, we are also creating a platform dedicated to sharing our ideas and our creative doing process. In person is always best but online is great too. Live is awesome but asynchronous is also really good.

After looking into a few Idea Managment Platforms we chose Nos.Co to launch our "Doing Managment Platform".

It is still a closed network in pilot but I believe it has a great potential to become a significant part of our "Doers Network" as fellow network members can share their ideas and get feedback, receive structured evaluations and express needs they have.

We are in our first steps but this and our Doers call yesterday inspired me to write and curate this blog post.

The bottom line #segway: I believe we need to be a little more of the inspiring things expressed in these video talks below. We need to make sure we don't become the lonely doer who keeps doing but doesn't stop to recharge.

It's like Vitamin C and we all need a daily dose of it.

In this case, the C's stand for Content & Connection.

Be Vulnerable

Be ready for Change. It's constant.

Share your work

You grow when you learn.

Be responsible for your learning. Be a hacker!